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Cycling holiday grades

We have graded all our cycling tours to help you choose the right one. You will also find more detailed information on individual tour pages, along with charts showing daily cycling distances.
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Suitable for anyone who enjoys easy and relatively short rides on flat or gently undulating terrain. Ideal if you simply want to explore a region by bike at a relaxed pace. Find out more about leisurely grade cycling tours.
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Leisurely and Moderate

This grade is ideal if you want to enjoy both leisurely and moderate rides on the same tour. You’ll be cycling through flat or gently undulating terrain, with the occasional more energetic ascent.
See leisurely and moderate cycling trips



Medium length rides suitable for cyclists who are used to undulating routes with occasional energetic climbs. Mainly on trails and quiet roads and you should have a reasonable level of fitness. See more about moderate grade cycling tours.
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Moderate and Challenging

Combining moderate grade rides with some challenging days in the saddle, this grade is ideal for reasonably fit cyclists who want to challenge themselves.
See our moderate and challenging cycling trips



Longer and more demanding for cyclists who enjoy hilly terrain with some challenging ascents. The routes require a good level of fitness including some non-technical, off-road riding. Find out more about challenging grade cycling tours.
See all challenging cycling trips


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